About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide support and consultation in any area that the student requires and to remove the burden of all kind of paperwork from the Students. Students Solution Center stands on its’ "honesty, right heartedness and pride in professional services". The betterment of the student’s future and life is our mission.
The student’s academic success and beneficial life experiences are our goals. Our aim is to work in the best interest of the Students.

Our Strengths

• Proficient and timely assistance

• Take care and pride in the provision of our chosen services

• Friendly and honest guidance

• Foster lifelong relationships

• Strive for total customer satisfaction

Our Promises

• Encourage feedback

• Improve quality Innovate benefits to clients

• Up to date information

• To take all required steps towards learning organization.


We will match the student to the appropriate courses and institutions. We have a number of strategies to attract good students to our client institutions such as

• Building relationship with High Schools, English Tutor and Universities in India and Middle East.

• Media advertising on selected magazines and print.

• Promotions (e.g. Member gets member and they receive rewards, gift, complementary study material etc.)

• Future project such as event, exhibition, and educational trade shows with British Council etc.


A planning outline follows;

• Our main customers will be both high school and university graduates from off-shore and local (on-shore) students who are already in Australia.

• We have offices in India and we will be using established Indian associates for marketing campaign in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

• In the long term, Students solution center wishes to focus on any, not only Indian overseas students

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