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1. How do I get Student visa to Australia?

A. You must comply with all requests from the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your Country. Also you must choose a full time course over 12 months long.

2. Can I extend my Studies in Australia?

A. Yes, you can extend your studies in Australia as long as your visa allows it. If you get a student visa with a non-extension note, you will have to leave the country to apply again. You can check the website for more information.

3. Can I change my course or Institution if I don't like it?

A. No, only in very special situations and with consent from the Department of Immigration. Sometimes it is possible to change courses if they are in the same area for example: from Business English for Tourism to Business English for Marketing. But it will depend on the school's agreement and DIMA consent. To change Institutions, it is only possible if for example, it is for health reasons. But there are courses that have campuses in different cities. So, for a little extra cost you may be able to study the same course and subjects but in a different city.

4. Do I have to attend all classes even if I don't like the course?

A. Yes, your attendance is reported to Immigration every week and if you haven't attended at least 80% of your classes, immigration may cancel your visa and ask you to leave the country. If you fall sick, a Medical Certificate is required to justify your absence.

5. Is there any Scholarship or financial help available to study in Australia?

A. Yes and No, depending on the country you are from, and the type of course you plan to do. Normally no, and it is very hard to get. Check with the Embassy in your Country.

6. What do I have to do to go to an Australian University?

A. To enter an Australian University, you must have a score of 6.0 to 6.5 in IELTS. Every Institution and Course requires a different level. For example, Law is 7.0. Also, you need to have an official translation and certified copies of your school transcript or academic records or official examination/qualification certificates, including the number of hours you studied these topics. If you don't have enough English you can study English and have a conditional letter to jump to the University course as soon as your English improves. To apply for the University to examine your papers, there is a charge of about AU$ 50.

7. How do I pay the Compulsory Medical insurance?

A. By the time the school sends you the invoice; the Insurance cost will be added for you to pay together with the school's costs and fees.

8. How do I pay the Home stay?

A. Again, the school will send you the invoice if you have opted for home stay and the home stay cost will be added to the school fees. Usually a placement fee is charged plus 4 or more weeks in advance (depends on how many weeks you want to pay. The minimum is 4 weeks). Subsequent payments can be made from you directly to the family. Check with your Institution.

9. How do I enroll in an Australian Educational Institution?

A. Once you have decided which course and which City you want to study in, you can apply directly to the Institution ( Yes Australia Course Guide has a big list of them all), or you can do it through an Agent (usually with no charge to you). The first step is to get a "Letter of Offer" and the documentation for the enrolment. You have to fill it in and send it back with your payment. Once done, the school will send the COE (confirmation of enrolment) to the Embassy in your country and then you apply to the Embassy for a student visa. When this is completed, confirm your air ticket and welcome to Australia! Note, that some fees including visa, home stay placement, enrolment, and some others are not refundable if your visa is rejected.

10. Can I pay the Course fee in installments?

A. Schools require at least 3 months paid in advance. For medium and long term studies, you can usually pay every 6 months or negotiate with the institution.

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